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NILS Science and Sustainability

Approved projects within NILS Science and Sustainability Programme

Bachelor and Master Students from Spanish institutions in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein (Stud Instit 2013)

Madrid1 Barcelona1 Tarragona1 Valencia1 Valladolid1 Coruna1 Vigo1


  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid. 40 students
  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. 15 students
  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. 6 students


  • Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona. 33 students
  • Universidad de Barcelona. 25 students
  • Universitat Ramon Llull. 8 students


  • Universitat Rovira i Virgili. 5 students


  • Universitat de Valencia. 49 students


  • Universidad de Valladolid. 9 students

A Coruña

  • Universidad de A Coruña. 6 students


  • Universidad de Vigo. 5 students

Research Projects individual and coordinated mobility (ABEL IM-CM 2013)

Galicia2 Madrid2 Aragon2 Cataluna2 Baleares2 Valencia2 Andalucia2


  • Universidad de A Coruña. 1 project
    • Neus Marí - University of Oslo. Evolutionary genomics of Atlantic cod.
  • Universidad de Santiago. 1 project
    • Julio González –Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Efficient management of energy resources.


  • Universidad de Zaragoza. 1 project
    • Francisco J. Gaspar -University of Bergen (Norway). Numerical simulation in deformable porous media for carbon dioxide storage.


  • Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. 1 project
    • Victoria Reyes –Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Field experiments to design effective climate and forest policies.
  • Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya. 2 projects
    • Josep Maria Rosell –University of Adger (Norway). Active control of vibrations in structures subject to multidirectional dynamic excitations.
  • Centro de Investigación en Nanociencia y Nanotecnología (CSIC-ICN). 1 project
    • Anna Magraso-U. of Oslo. Nanno-sized proton conductors for environmentally friendly fuel cells.
  • Instituto del Diagnóstico Ambiental y Estudios del Agua (IDAEA-CSIC). 1 project
    • Cinta Porte-U. of Bergen (Norway). Assessment of the toxicity of sediments from the Mediterranean basin.


  • Universidad de les Illes Balears. 1 project
    • Marta Monjo -U. of Oslo.Development of novel coating strategies of medical devices for improved osseointegration.

Comunidad Valenciana

  • Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. 4 projects
    • David Moner-Norwegian Centre for integrated care. Archetype-based querying for electronic health record data retrieval
    • Sandra Morales-U. of Stavanger (Norway). Retinal disease screening through local binary patterns.
    • Valeriana Naranjo-U. of Stavanger (Norway). Retinal disease screening through learning dictionaries.
    • Sergio Belda-Center for International Climate and Environmental Research (Norway). New perspectives for rethinking climate change from grassroots social innovation.
  • Universidad de Alicante. 2 projects
    • Pablo Sánchez-Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. Application of generalized mixed model for indicator effects of aquaculture on wild fish.
    • Kilian Toledo-Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. Data-mining for modelling aquaculture-fisheries synergies over wild fish assemblages.
  • Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos (IATA-CSIC). 1 project
    • Gaspar Pérez-Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Molecular interactions modulating gut microbiota.


  • Universidad de Córdoba. 2 projects
    • Manuel José Rodríguez-Norwegian University of Life Sciences. The effect of reducing the expression level of penicillin-binding proteins of the pneumococcal surface proteome.
    • Joaquín Olivares-U. of Oslo. Cognitive radio with Medium Reservation in hospital environments.
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  • Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología de Sevilla (IRNAS-CSIC). 1 project
    • Juan Miguel González-U. of Bergen (Norway). Integrative analysis of extremophiles in search for new biotechnological solutions.


  • Universidad Complutense. 14 projects
    • Ana Carpio-U. of Iceland. Multiscale description of biofilms in flows.
    • Carlos Pérez-U. of Oslo. Laminations with complex manifolds with singularities.
    • Isabel Cervantes-Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Genomic selection applications under simulation.
    • Álvaro de Pascual-U. of Bergen (Norway). Implementation of analog searching methodology to generate new members in an ensemble prediction system.
    • Inés María Gómez-U. of Adger (Norway). Teachers’ professional knowledge: aspects of affect and mathematical modeling processes.
    • Luis Durán-Simula. Understanding multidecadal modulations of Atlantic and Pacific interanual impacts.
    • Belén Rodríguez-U. of Bergen (Norway). Understanding multidecadal modulations of Atlantic and Pacific interanual impacts.
    • Rafael Caballero-U. of Oslo. Debugging relational database queries with multiset constraints.
    • Gregorio Tirado-Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Solving dynamic and stochastic routing and scheduling problems in maritime transportation.
    • Israel Fernández-U. of Oslo. Oxidative stress, superoxide anion.
    • David de Frutos-U. of Reykiavik (Iceland). Formal methods for the development and evaluation of sustainable systems.
    • Ana Cremades-Institute for Energy Technology (Norway). Sustainable oxide materials and nano-structures for energy related applications.
    • José Aracil-Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Biodiesel production of aviation.
    • José María Maroto-Norwegian School of Economics (Norway). Stochastic bioeconomic and population dynamics modeling of collapsed fisheries.
  • Universidad Politécnica. 1 project
    • Alba Ramos-Institute for Energy Technology (Norway). Comparison of heat losses model of state-of-the-art chemical vapor deposition reactors.
  • Universidad Autónoma. 1 project
    • José Juan Sánchez-Telemark University College (Norway). Health risks of cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins in Norway and Spain.
  • Universidad Carlos III. 3 projects
    • Luis Francisco López-U. of Iceland. Quantum transport in terahertz detectors.
    • Martin Fodstad-Norwegian Institute for agricultural and environmental research. Robotics for sustainable farming of high-value crops in Norway.
    • Magdalena Díaz-U. of Bergen (Norway).
  • Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA). 1 project
    • Mª Ángeles Aguilera-Matis Biotech. Microbial communities of intertidal geothermal extreme habitats.
  • CSIC-Centro Nacional de Biotecnología. 1 project
    • José J. Sánchez-U. of Stavanger (Norway). The specificity of the protein phosphatase 2ª heterotirmer in plant signaling.
  • Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia. 1 project
    • Mariano Rincón-U. of Oslo. Automated segmentation and disease progression analysis of focal brain pathology using algorithms.


Galicia3 Leon3 Vasco3 Aragon3 Cataluna3 Madrid3 Valencia3 Murcia3 Andalucia3


  • Universidad de A Coruña. 7 projects
    • Manuel García-Norwegian University of Life Sciences. A new hypothesis testing approach based on mathematical parameters to detect family relationships.
    • Pablo Fernández-Norwegian Center for stem cell Research. Role of microRNAs in chondrogenic differentiation of stem cells to repair cartilage injuries.
    • Julio Parapar-Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Combining morphological and molecular tools to unravel cryptic diversity in NE Atlantic waters.
    • María Pan-Institute Marine Research (Iceland). Genetic studies on the edible crab with implications for fisheries management.
    • Niels Einarsson-Stefansson Arctic Institute (Iceland). Fish, people and property rights: Social implications of fisheries governance from the North-Atlantic Arctic to Galicia.
    • Ramón Muiño- Stefansson Arctic Institute (Iceland). Fish, people and property rights: Social implications of fisheries governance from the North-Atlantic Arctic to Galicia.
    • Duarte Fernández- Stefansson Arctic Institute (Iceland). Fish, people and property rights: Social implications of fisheries governance from the North-Atlantic Arctic to Galicia.
  • Instituto de Investigaciones Marinas CSIC (Vigo). 1 project
    • Stefan Aki Ragnarson-Marine Research Institute. Associations between fish and three-dimensional seabed habitats within Icelandic waters.

Castilla y León

  • Universidad de Salamanca. 1 project
    • Alberto Orfao-U. of Oslo. Deciphering the relevance of intracellular signaling pathways in leukemia.


  • Universidad de Zaragoza. 1 project
    • José Antonio Domínguez-Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Integration of wave and wind marine energy farms in electric power networks.

País Vasco

  • Universidad del País Vasco. 2 projects
    • Harkaitz Eguiraun-Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Systems Aquaculture: Implementation of biological systems within intelligent aquaculture structures.
    • Esther Acha-Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Hydrogen production method comparison.


  • Universidad de Girona. 3 projects
    • Emma Soy-Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. Mapping cultural ecosystem services at community level in Oslo Municipality.
    • Sergi Nuss-Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. Relevance of Oslo’s green-blue infrastructure on local perception.
    • Josep Lloret-U. of Iceland. Impact of global change on exploited fish resources.
  • Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. 3 projects
    • Zora Kovacic-U. of Bergen (Norway). The use of quantitative science for governance.
    • Françoise Bretón-The Arctic University of Norway. Socio-environmental approach on whales’ vulnerability in Norway and the Arctic region.
    • Silvia Gómez-U. of Oslo. Reshaping the access to the resources in times of crisis.
  • Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña. 3 projects
    • María Gonçalves-Norwegian Meteorological Institute. Radiative effect due to aerosol on the Mediterranean climate.
    • Francesc Soriguera-Institute of Transport Economics (Norway). Driver feedback mobile app-a tool for road safety improvement.
    • Damiano Rotondo-Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Detection and estimation of icing in aerodynamical systems using LPV methods.
  • Universidad de Barcelona. 1 project
    • Manuel Fernández-U. of Norland. Long-term forward thinking for a green economy.
  • IDAEA-CSIC. 1 project
    • Cinta Porte-Akvaplan NIVA. Sublethal effects on marine diesel on Arctic scallop fitness.
  • Universidad Pompeu Fabra. 1 project
    • Monserrat Sole-U. of Oslo. Labor social rights in economic liberalism.
  • Universidad Rovira i Virgili. 1 project
    • Moserrat Marqués-Norwegian University of Life Science. Climate change impact on the occurrence of PAH transformation products in Arctic soils.

Comunidad Valenciana

  • Universidad de Alicante. 2 projects
    • Marco Antonio López-U. of Bergen (Norway). Environment, Games and Endowment Exchange.
    • Pablo Arechavala-Norwegian Institute for Marine Research. Modeling sea trout populations infected by sea lice in Norwegian fjords.
  • Universidad de Valencia. 1 project
    • Marta Giménez-U. of Oslo. Thinking emotions mindfully.
  • Universidad Jaume I (Castellón). 1 project
    • María Jesús Múñoz-U. of Oslo. Fuzzy mathematics for evaluating environmental impacts in wearing apparel companies.
  • Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir. 1 project
    • Francisco Javier Romero-U. of Oslo. Autophagy in the eye: implications of oxidative stress.


  • Universidad de Murcia. 1 project
    • Pilar Gómez-Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Interactions between natural stressors and pollutant exposure in nestling birds of prey.
  • Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia. 1 project
    • Horacio Pérez Sánchez-Nordic High Performance Center (Iceland). Discovery of novel blood anticoagulants using hybrid artificial intelligence techniques.


  • Universidad de Sevilla. 1 project
    • Manuel Félix-Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Development of bioactive gels based on protein by products from crayfish processing industry.
  • Universidad de Cádiz. 2 projects
    • María Luz Gandarias-Norwegian School of Economics. Conservation laws of differential equations beyond Lagragian methods.
    • María de los Santos- Norwegian School of Economics. Conservation laws of differential equations beyond Lagragian methods.
  • Universidad de Granada. 1 project
    • Guillermo Maraver-The Arctic University of Norway. Sustainable development as an innovation opportunity in management model of public organizations.
  • Universidad de Málaga. 1 project
    • María José Altamirano-Matis Biotech (Iceland). Identifying sensitive and non-sensitive intertidal microbial communities to climate change.


  • Universidad Complutense. 13 projects
    • David Palacios-Iceland Institute of Natural History. Modeling the impact of climate change on the cryosphere in two mountains: Trollaskagi (Iceland) and the Pyrenees (Spain).
    • Nuria de Andrés- Iceland Institute of Natural History. Modeling the impact of climate change on the cryosphere in two mountains: Trollaskagi (Iceland) and the Central Range (Spain).
    • Ana Patricia Pérez-Norwegian University of Science and Technology. The use of treated aggregates in pavements to reduce the action of snow/ice.
    • Elsa Mohino-U. of Bergen (Norway). Impact of Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies on the tropical Atlantic.
    • Carlos Pérez-U. of Oslo. Laminations by complex manifolds with singularities.
    • Antonio Óscar Garnica-U. of Oslo. Evolvable hardware-based digital filter to handle patient and sensor variability in glucose sensor.
    • Esther Wirth-U. of Oslo. The exploitation of hydrocarbons in Norway.
    • Mauricio Alcolea-Nofima AS. Research on inhibitors of HIV virus.
    • Carlos Vicente Ruiz-U. of Iceland. Flows and blows of the Icelandic past.
    • Francisco Javier Cao-U. of Bergen. Stochastic dynamics in ecology.
    • María Belén Rodríguez-Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (Norway). Impact of the Atlantic mean state on modulating tropical interbasin coupling.
    • Luis Dinis-U. of Bergen (Norway). Development of the human component in the Open Malaria Warning model.
    • Iría Noa de la Fuente-U. of Bergen (Norway). The homeless: an analysis of new social inequality processes.
  • Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. 1 project
    • Patricia Arrogante-Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Biomass estimations by LiDar and multiangular information from MISR sensor data.
  • Universidad Carlos III. 3 projects
    • José Carlos Castillo-Institute for Marine Research. Automatic detection of behavioral patterns in herring.
    • Daniel Catalán-U. of Tromso (Norway). Sustainability of cardiology services.
    • Daniel Catalán-Bergen University College (Norway). Searching for communication strategies to promote physiotherapy in mental health.
  • Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. 1 project
    • Erik Gómez-Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. Integrating knowledge, methods and data from ecosystem service assessments in Spain and Norway.
  • Universidad de Alcalá. 2 projects
    • Elena Carneros-Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute. Regulation of gene expression in epigenetically contrasted conifer epitypes.
    • Juan Gerardo Alcázar-Sintef (Noruega). Detection of similarities of rational space curves.
  • IMDEA Energía. 1 project
    • Javier Dufour-Institute for Energy Technology (Norway). Checking the actual sustainability of renewables.
  • Instituto de Ciencias Matemáticas ICMAT. 1 project
    • María Barbero-U. of Bergen. Discrete mechanics, geometric integration and Lie-Butcher series.
  • Instituto Nacional Geográfico. 1 project
    • María Ángeles Benito-U. of Iceland. Interpretation of surface deformation in volcanic areas.
  • Universidad Pontifica de Comillas. 1 project
    • Sonja Wogrin-Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Combining real options and mathematical bilevel programming.