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Environment and Climate Change

Beneficiary enterprises. 2ª Open Call (2014) Environmental and Climate Change-related Research and Technology.

Galicia2 Asturias2 Cantabria2 Rioja2 Navarra2 Cataluna2 Leon2 Aragon2 Madrid2 Valenciana2 Extremadura2 Murcia2 Andalucia2 Vasco2

Andalucía. 4 projects

  • Abengoa Solar New Technologies. Spphelios: Development of a smart plug play heliostat field.
  • Dantia Tecnología. Enerloud: a Smart grid interoperability system for the energy consumption optimization.
  • DVA Global Energy Services. Development of advanced software for the real-time energy management and optimization in the industry.
  • Instalaciones Inabensa. Design and construction of a rotary pendulum wave energy converter for integration in metocean buoys.

Aragón. 3 projects

  • Proytecsa Security. Development of a new robotized vehicle with an integrated hydrogen fuel cell.
  • Telergon. Development of a compact modular switch of high thermal efficiency.
  • Valeo Térmico. Development of innovative EGR exchanger based on novel techniques and materials to reduce emissions from diesel and fuel motors.

Asturias. 1 project

  • Arcelormittal España. Energy consumption model for siderurgy.

Cantabria. 2 projects

  • Mecánica Industrial Buelna. Industrial research and development oriented to the manufacturing of innovative products for the energy sector.
  • Teican Medioambiental. Anaerobic co-digestion optimization process in industrial biogas multibiogas-bifase technology plants.

Castilla y León. 6 projects

  • Bodega Matarromera. Development of eco-designs to reduce GHG emissions in wineries and feasibility study of the use of PEF for the wine commercialisation in Norwegian airlines.
  • Endesa Generación. Geophysical techniques applied to deep saline reservoir characterization for CO2 storage.
  • Grupo Antolin-Ingenieria. Automatic wireless connection for the efficient energy and data transmission in removable seats.
  • Industrias Metalúrgicas Esgueva. Design and development of a new system for disposal and management of sludge.
  • Prehorqui. Development of a thermal insulation system for precast building envelope with photocatalytic action.
  • Proyectos tecnológicos de seguridad vial y movilidad. Evaluation of the real energetic efficiency of street lighting facilities using new dynamic photometric measurement technologies.

Cataluña. 12 projects

  • Acciona Agua. Development of a biological pre-treatment for improving the energy efficiency and sustainability of the anaerobic digestion process.
  • Allia Renovables. New siding to improve energy efficiency in buildings through geothermal integration.
  • Circutor. Electric variables sampling equipment with remote applications of processing, diagnosis and prediction-Ebox.
  • Color Center. Eco-designed flame retardants for the textile industry.
  • Continental Automotive Spain. Development of PVD decorative coatings technologies alternatives to chrome plating for automotive.
  • Cromogenia Unit. New synthesis without polluting organic solvents for preparing paintings for the white line.
  • Dow Chemical Iberia. New sustainable packaging solutions for fish processing industry.
  • Indulleida. Concentration of liquid foods by forward osmosis using reusable draw solutions.
  • La Farga Rod. Intelligent monitoring system integrated in the transformation of copper.
  • Pinturas Hempel. Use of functional components with a renewable origin in the improvement of antifouling efficiency.
  • Tecni Plasper. New TPE recycling strategy.
  • Unitex. Printed fabrics with new paste formulations environmentally friendly.

Comunidad Valenciana. 11 projects

  • Acteco Productos y Servicios. Recycling of expanded polystyrene from packaging waste of fresh fish.
  • Al Farben. Surface modification of microparticles through the use of clean technologies.
  • Asistencia Técnica Industrial. Intelligent system for efficient ground inspection in towers for power lines.
  • Auditesa. Development of platform for the improvement of energy efficiency in the productive sector.
  • Calandrados Textiles. R&D fluorocarbon free finishes, on textile fabrics, for outdoor use.
  • Hilaturas Miel. Research and development process based on ecological dendrimers application for textile substrate functionalization.
  • Industrias del Neumático. Eco-efficient recycled tyre development for commercial vehicles.
  • Tejidos Cavitex. Fireproofing jacquard fabrics technology research for developing and ultimate environmentally sustainable system for textile industry.
  • Tex-Delta. R&D of eco-efficient geotextiles for irrigation and drainage.
  • Torrecid. New glasses fertilizers for tomato growing reducing environmental impact.
  • Uvax Concepts. Smart meter for remote reading and electricity consumption optimization.

Extremadura. 1 project

  • San Isidro de Miajadas. New glasses fertilizers for tomato growing reducing environmental impact.

Galicia. 3 projects

  • ABN Pipe Systems. Integrated system of hot greywater energetic recycling.
  • Encapsulantes de Valor Añadido. Development of new formulations of EVA involving an energy saving in laminated glass industry.
  • Industrias Técnicas de Galicia. Technology development for naval use energy sector.

Madrid. 20 projects

  • CLH. New biological technologies that minimize the environmental impact in fuel sector.
  • Desarrollos Tecnológicos de Hidrógeno. Development of an autonomous and portable 300W FC generator fuelled from a solid reactive solution.
  • Diagnostiqa Consultoría Técnica. HTF pipe temperature distributed monitoring system in solar thermal power plants.
  • Enertron. Smart wind ess-smart energy storage systems for wind power integration and quality improvement.
  • Esteyco. Development of a braced precast concrete foundation for wind turbines.
  • Everis Energía y Medioambiente. Vulnerability management of critical hydraulic infrastructures.
  • Goal Systems. Optimized generation of commercial offer in transport systems based on origin-destination matrix.
  • Hidrogena Desarrollos Energéticos. Low cost & innovative PEM electrolysers oriented to distributed hydrogen generation and storage.
  • Iberdrola Renovables Energía. Smart wind ess-smart energy storage systems for wind power integration and quality improvement.
  • Iberdrola S.A. Intelligent system for efficient ground inspection in towers for power lines.
  • Iconkrete 2012. Innovative and efficient foundations addressed to thermosolar and photovoltaic plants.
  • Innovati Networks. Senersis- Energy services platform based on integration and analysis of multiple sources.
  • Nimbeo Estrategia e Innovación. Enerloud: a Smart grid interoperability system for the energy consumption optimization.
  • OHL Industrial. Development of a high performance solar system based on fresnel concentrators and multitube receptors.
  • Repsol. Ecoenergy: new fuel with more efficiency and less contaminant for heat recovery boilers. 2º project: HPR-green tyres. New SBRS rubbers for high performance tyres. 3º project: HPL. High performance lubricants.
  • Sacyr Industrial. Design and development of a new energetic technology based on deep geothermical exchangers with advanced materials and mortars.
  • Teléfonos Líneas y Centrales. Recovery and use energy from railways vibrations.
  • Vias y Construcciones. Recovery and use energy from railways vibrations.

Murcia. 2 projects

  • Comarth Engineering. Development of new and more efficient solutions for electromovility.
  • Turbo Kit. Development of a catalyzed exhaust system adapted to combustion control for reducing emissions in motorcycle four-stroke engines.

La Rioja. 1 project

  • Logrotex. Thermacust: nanomaterials to improve thermal and acoustic properties of alternative non-woven insulators.

País Vasco. 23 projects

  • Cikautxo, S. Coop. New muffle for washing machine in recycled thermoplastic material.
  • Dominion Instalaciones y Montaje. Multisensory automatic system for the detection of contaminants in salt water aquaculture production in real time supporting on cloud computing.
  • Estudios e Ingeniería Aplicada XXI. Conceptual design of a flexible photobioreactor to microalgae culture and production of high value compounds.
  • Fagor Electrónica S. Coop. Ecofleet: Development of a predictive system for substantial improvement of the energy efficiency of the vehicle fleets and minimizing their environmental impact.
  • Gamesa Energy Transmission. Development of new generation gearboxes for multimegawatt wind turbines.
  • Gerdau Aceros Especiales Europa. Resalox.
  • Goratu Máquinas-Herramienta. Development of a DMD machine for titanium.
  • Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica. Intelligent system for efficient ground inspection in towers or power lines.
  • Iberdrola Generación. New technical inspection of central hydraulic channel for efficient management of water resources.
  • Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción. Development of optimal solutions of taut mooring systems for TLP floating foundations applicable to offshore wind. 2º Project: Research processes combined cycle technology caes energy storage in wind farms.
  • Iragaz Watin. New technologies for contaminated soil remediation, using nanoparticles and bioremediation with waste.
  • Lancor 2000 S. Coop. Development of an efficient generation generator or tidal.
  • Montero FYE. New line of textile joints for high temperatures focused on incineration plants and metal recycling.
  • Pronutec. Development of new conductive elements for NH-3 fuse bases.
  • Residuos de Aluminio. Resalox.
  • Saitec. Research and development of a singular type of floating offshore wind platform and its mooring system.
  • Salva Industrial. New efficient and manageable gas ovens.
  • Saunier Duval Clima. Renewable energetic capture system with heat pump for cold weather.
  • Sener Ingeniería y Sistemas. Cost competitive heliostat.
  • Smurfit Kappa Nervion. Improvement of the technical characteristics of paper for sacks, saving energy and reducing environmental impact.
  • Sociedad Financiera y Minera. Development of a thermal insulation system for precast building envelope with photocatalytic action.
  • Ulma Packaging. New sustainable packaging solutions for fish processing industry.

Beneficiary enterprises. 1ª Open Call (2013) Environmental and Climate Change-related Research and Technology.

Asturias Cantabria Vasco Navarra Cataluna Aragon Leon Madrid Valenciana Andalucia Murcia

Asturias. 1 project

  • Ingeniería y Diseño Europeo. Applied research on new high-durable and low cost offshore foundations.

Cantabria. 1 project

  • Equipos Nucleares y Serego Gestión. Remediation of soils with radiological isotopes and decommissioning materials from radiological facilities.

Andalucía. 2 projects

  • AB Azucarera Iberia. Development of a new productive system of discoloration of sugar.
  • Abengoa Solar New Technologies. Validation of an electrochemical deposition process to create the front contact electrode of cigs thin film solar cells.

Aragón. 3 projects

  • Electrónica Keld. Vector sensorless SYNRM drive.
  • Urbaser. Improve of anaerobic digestion process through thermal hydrolysis technology performance.
  • Insonorizantes Pelzer. Development and implementation of a new technology for rationalization, recovery an reuse of waste products of polypropylene, polystryene and other textiles.

Castilla y León. 3 projects

  • Deimos Imaging. Deforestation environmental impact estimation in tropical countries through systematic satellite monitoring.
  • Industrias Metalúrgicas Esgueva. Design and development of a new environmentally safe system with retractable teeth for cleaning hydroelectric grills.
  • Tecnosylva Sociedad Limitada. Widfirengine.

Cataluña. 13 projects

  • Circutor. Energy system to achieve optimization from renewable energy self-consumption.
  • Emte y Dexma Sensors. Expert system for the efficient operation and manintenante of HVAC with photovoltaic energy.
  • Alstom Renovables España. Technological challenges and innovative developments in the field of renewable energy-New technological challenges in hydraulic turbomachinery.
  • Dena Desarrollos. Technology for wind turbines design with atmospheric lightning protection.
  • Esteyco Energía. ADO Demonstration-Experimental demonstration and certification of the self-bouyant precast concrete telescopic tower and foundation technology.
  • La Doma Sociedad Anónima de Curtidos. Development of a prototype of CO2 supercritical for tanning.
  • Curtidos Badia. New unhairing process por leather tanning, with improved final leather quality and the reduction of environmental impact and toxicity risk during manufacturing.
  • Francisco Albero S.A.U. New development of low cost photovoltaic technologies on flexible substrates for architectural applications.
  • Elix Polymers. Development of a more environmentally friendly new generation of thermoplastic and composite ABS materials.
  • Proquimia. Galvafree: New chrome-free pasivation formulations for galvanized steel.
  • Sumitomo Bakelite Europe Barcelona. Project phenol recovering system in waste water of process.
  • Desarrollos ecológicos e industriales. Fenton 3: Development of photo-fenton's technology with simultaneous addition of ozone for diferent kind of water.
  • Assessors del ram d'aigua. Eco-finishing fabrics formaldehyde free.

Comunidad Valenciana. 5 projects

  • Cysnergy. Development of a real-time expert system to improve industrial plants electrical energy efficiency.
  • Francisco Jover. Irtex-Development of textile-based infra-red radiation barriers for thermal conditioning of rooms.
  • Hilaturas Ferre. Research and development of a new ecological process based on xet enzyme technology for functionalitation of recycled cotton.
  • Innotecno Developments. Redox flux batteries: prototype for renewable energy storage.
  • KH Alacant Innova. Project "highly efficient technology development for the treatment of odor in industrial processes and wastewater".

Madrid. 22 projects

  • Repsol. Platform for obtaining biological sustainable advanced biofuels. 2º Project: Photocatalytic Asphalt Road. 3º Project: New polymeric materials from refineries' by-products.
  • Qualitas Instruments. New generation of met-ocean tools to support decision-making.
  • Horus Hardware. Ecogar. Electronics system integrated and ecological that optimizes the combination of renewable energy generation, storage and regulation for electricity consumption in houses without power injection to the power.
  • Diagnostiqa consultoria técnica. Energy exploitation of the losses in power transformers by processing advanced thermodynamic models and recommendation algorithms.
  • Wairbut. Integral management of the energetic resources and environmental pollution of the city.
  • Agrestas. Integrated online mapping systems and forest inventory on large surfaces based on lidar information.
  • Satlink. Development of high resolution sonar technologies for the fishing discrimination and sustainable exploitation of marine world.
  • Gestamp Hybrid Towers. Development and assesment systems of repowering solutions for wind farms. 2º Project: Development of a new wind tower solution for greater heights with novel foundation fixed for every wind tower type.
  • FCC. Study, analysis and development of new engine technologies for electric and hybrid waste management truck.
  • Geocontrol. Energy efficiency in tunnels.
  • Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios. New concept of marine floating platform for wind turbines.
  • Renewable Energy Innovation and Developments. Solar/wind pumping system for isolated places.
  • Valoriza Conservación de Infraestructuras. Development of innovative geotermal system to remove the brine discharged on the roads in icy seasons.
  • Expal Systems. Plastic explosive waste recovery through cryogenic grinding for conversion to civilian purposes.
  • Técnicas Reunidas. Advanced zinc-air flow batteries for large-scale renewable energy storage.
  • Cryovac. Cryogenic transfer lines: the next generation.
  • Compañía Estatal de Petróleos. Biosurfactant synthesis based on linear albylbenzene from bio sources by means of more energy-efficient processes.
  • Yesos Ibéricos. Research of new integral management system of environmental, energy and natural resources.
  • GS Inima Environment. Development and design of a new open seawater intake structure on the sea bed for the improvement of sea water quality in desalination process during critical episodes of high organic matter pollution.

Murcia. 3 projects

  • Sociedad Anónima de Depuración y Tratamientos. Development  of an innovative desalination process for the reduction of energy consumption with forward osmosis. 2º Project: Project "highly efficient technology development for the treatment of odor in industrial processes and wastewater".
  • Valoriza Agua. Development of a new and innovative environmental technology of denitrification based on the process of autotrophic anaerobic oxidation.

País Vasco. 16 projects

  • Pronutec. Advanced Reading and mapping LV panel.
  • Fagor Electrónica y Eika. Multipurpose efficient storing and managing electric energy system based on supercapacitors and batteries technologies.
  • Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción. Grid integration of large photovoltaic plants supported with energy storage units. 2º Project: Research and technological development of a intelligent CO2 capture system for small industries and residential areas.
  • Ingeteam Power Technology. High efficient electric distribution system for marine applications.
  • Inkoa Sistemas. Decision support system for improved efficiency in water and fertiliser use in agriculture.
  • Saunier Duval Clima. High efficienty system for generation and storage of DHW with natural refrigerants.
  • Técnicas Hidráulicas. New technology based hydraulic load-sensing and constant power constraint, for tuna vessels.
  • Lau Lagun Bearings. Offshore intelligent bearing: sensorization, monitoring and diagnosis.
  • Wartsila Ibérica. Development of high efficiency and low emissions dual technology marine engines.
  • Argolabe Ingeniería. 100 KW windturbine for distributed energy and selfconsumption.
  • Orona. Energy efficient lift, A+Rating.
  • Autotech Engineering Agrupación de Interés Económico. Novel concepts for efficient manufacturing in the automotive industry aiming at vehicle lightweighting.
  • Maier. New eco-friendly technology fo high quality plating on plastic free of CRVI. 2º Project: New generation of high performance renewable plastics for the future green vehicle.
  • Industrias Químicas Irurena. Applied research on new high-durable and low-cost offshore foundations.