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Browsing Guide

How to browse the Internet Portal of the EEA Grants National Focal Point

The higher-ranking bodies of the Ministry of the Treasury and Public Administration and the Directorate General of Community Funds are identified in the header.

he link to the general website of EEA Grants is also located in this area. As well as the versions of the portal in Spanish and English.

In order to facilitate use of the website, a contents structure and browsing system have been designed based on a logical organization of the website subject-matter blocks. This logical system is explained briefly in order to configure a short browsing guide for those accessing this site for the first time.

General aspects

The logos of the Spanish Government, Ministry and Directorate General of Community Funds, EEA Grants general website and English versión, and the contents search engine are located in the header.

The page footer offers information referring to the Legal Warning, Browsing Guide, accessibility, latest page updating date, and level of compliance with certain Internet standards.

The upper area of the main page is structured into six main channels:

  • Who we are
  • And why
  • Open Calls
  • Our Partners
  • Press
  • Contacts

Next, a variety of stories about the projects developed through the EEA Grants.

The middle area of the central body of the main page offer an explanation about what the EEA Grants are, and also some related news..

In addition, the left-hand margin contains descriptions and news of the Spanish Programmes under the EEA Grants scheme. And the right-hand margin contains links to Programme Operators websites..

How do we know where we are?

The heading at the top of the central frame of the browsing pages contains the channel, subchannel and theme of the contents where we are situated.

E.g. Home > Programmes > Environment and Climate Change.

How do you change language?

The content of the EEA Grants National Focal Point Portal is available in Spanish and English. The language option menu is located in the home page header of the portal and the main channels.

Bienvenido | Welcome

To view the portal in a language other than Spanish (the default language), select the word "Welcome".

Printing contents

To print the contents of any page, click on the icon or link

imagen impresora Printable version

Website access for disabled people and for other browsers

This Portal follows W3C WAI (AA) standards.

Technical recommendations and programs needed to explore this portal:

  • The pages are optimized for the following browsers: MS Internet Explorer version 7.0 or superior, Firefox 3.0 or superior, Opera 9.0 or superior, Safari 4.0 or superior and K-Meleon 1.5.3 or superior.
  • It may also be accessed from PDAs and mobile phones equipped with Opera Mini 4.2 or superior or with the latest version of IE included in Windows Mobile 6.5 or superior.
  • To view videos and other information in multimedia format, Flash Player has to be installed.
  • All the pages are developed for an optimum screen resolution of 1024x768 and a browser configured with a maximum of three levels of toolbars.

Cookies Policy

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