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Southwest Europe

The Transnational Cooperation Program of Southwest Europe Interreg V-B (Interreg V-B SUDOE) supports the regional development by the co-financing of transnational projects through the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund). It’s another step in the long tradition of cooperation that Spain, France, Portugal and the United Kingdom (Gibraltar) keep between each other, and Andorra is incorporated as guest country for this new period of 2014-2020.

The objective of this programming period, due to European guidelines, is to strengthen the investment priorities, which have worked better in 2007-2013 period, in conformation with ERDF Regulation. According to the newly formulated strategy, the Interreg V-B SUDOE Program will focus its activity on Promoting Investigation, Technological Development and Innovation, Encouraging Competitiveness and Internationalization of SMEs, Contributing to Greater Energy Efficiency, Preventing and Managing the Risks Effectively, and Environment Protection.